Advantages of having a clothes drying stand at home

Advantages of having a clothes drying stand at home

According to a survey by the Department of Energy, close to 5.8 percent of the electricity that is used in the home is dedicated to dry out the clothes. It requires about 30-40 cents when you opt for a residential dryer that uses electricity or 15-20 cents when you use a gas dryer. When you take a look at the overall expenses of using these methods for a term of more than 18 years, it can cost you close to $1500 for operating the same.

Having clothes drying stand inside the home aptly brings down the requirement for energy or fossil fuels. If own a house in a community with limited outer space, you need to get yourself indoor clothes drying stand that can easily be folded or unfolded as per requirement. There are several advantages to having a clothes drying stand inside the house which includes the following:

1. No dust settling over your clothes

It so happens that dust settles over wet surfaces and living in a city or town that is overrun with dust storms or pollutants from vehicles can expose your precious clothes to the dust. This renders all your efforts invalid given the fact that you cannot wear them again without washing as they are filled with dust and dirt.

Having access to clothes drying stand inside the house allows you to dry the clothes without having to worry about the dust settling in the clothes. The best thing you can do is leave them to dry overnight in the same room where you sleep. By morning, you will have access to a completely dried off clothesline that is free from any dust or dirt.

2. No unnecessary stiffness

Most materials such as cotton become stiff in excess sunlight and get too dry to wear comfortably when you dry them outside. They might even be prone to shrinking given the excess heat which is way beyond the handling limit for the material.

The good thing about having clothes drying stand inside the home is you do not have to expose your clothes to the harsh effects of sunlight if they are unable to handle it. While sunlight is good for hygiene, excess sunlight can destroy the integrity of the materials. So you can easily opt to dry off the sensitive materials inside the house without worrying about the excess shrinkage or stiffness.

3. Use it anytime of the year

Regardless of the climate outside, you can use the indoor clothes drying stand as you wish to without having to worry about your clothes getting wet in the snow or rain. You can easily shift them anywhere in the house by folding them. They are sturdy enough to handle heavy clothes while being portable and light enough to be carried anywhere you want. If you are done with it, you can fold them easily and store anywhere you want. When needed, you can bring them out from the storage and use as per convenience

4.Increase Humidity

This is especially true if you live in a country where you are constantly in need of a humidified given the excess dryness during the winters. You can easily bring down the power consumption from the humidifier by opting for clothes drying stand to dry off your clothes inside the house.

The level of humidity automatically increases inside the house as your clothes start drying with time. You can keep the skin soft and supple with no dryness which is an added advantage of having your clothes dried inside the house rather than outside which results in increased humidity

5. Less harm to the material

When you opt to dry the clothes inside the home, you expose the clothes to a controlled atmosphere that isn’t harsh to the material used in making the clothes. The harsh sunlight tends to bring down the overall age of a cloth which is why it is often advised with soft materials to be dried off in atmosphere that doesn’t get exposed to direct sunlight. You can confirm less deterioration of the material when you opt to dry off your clothes by using an indoor clothes drying stand.

6. Kill two birds with a single arrow

When you dry off the clothes inside the house, you do not have to invest separate power source for the same. You can use your ceiling fan or Air conditioner to dry them off while you sleep or rest in your home. You don’t even have to put on anything and let it dry off naturally.

This saves you a lot on your monthly electricity bill or gas bill that you would have either invested in drying the clothes when the weather outside wasn’t favorable. Another issue when using a dryer to dry your clothes is the fact that any heat or moisture generated in the process is vented away outside with no use for you. This is why using a clothes drying stand inside the house gives you the added benefit of moisture.

7. No chances of your clothes drifting away in the wind

When you are getting late for your office, you might or might not remember to attach a clip to the clothes you are drying off in the wires outside. Now, imagine you are in the office and suddenly it starts raining paired with strong winds. You come back from office only to find that the process of washing clothes that took you an hour is all in vain given the fact that your clothes are all dirty and messy lying in the ground and drenched with rainwater.

This might make you feel frustrated and you might regret your decision of washing clothes on that day. But nature is unpredictable, so you need to think smart and opt for indoor clothes drying stand. By opting for this method, you can avoid your clothes getting damaged in the rain or getting lost by drifting in the wind.

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