Ironing Boards: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Ironing Boards Buying Guide [5 Best Boards to buy in India in 2019]

Ironing boards are tools that have fundamental pieces in the home for decades. While the design options, size, and materials have come a long way, it’s still a necessity in the home. In this article, we want to help you find and buy best ironing board for your home or office.

Some homeowners have problems finding the right ironing board for their home. Ironing boards can come in a variety of forms. They can be collapsable vertically or horizontal or folding. It all depends on your spacial allotment for its use and where you intend to use it. You must also follow and look after the best ironing board reviews, to make sure you have made the right purchase.

Taking into account also the amount of space you will need surface area wise for ironing will also impact your buying decision.

In addition to the reviews we provided on a few we tested, we added in a buying advice section to help you know everything you need to about picking the perfect ironing board. By the end of this article, you’ll have enough information to buy the right ironing board that will benefit you the most.

Here is a list of what we will discuss before going into our product reviews.

  • What is an ironing board
  • Types of Ironing Boards
  • Why Should You Choose Your Ironing Board Carefully
  • Things to Look For when Purchasing an Ironing Board

What Is An Ironing Board

An ironing board is an essential accessory if you plan on enhancing the appearance of your clothes. While clothes can be cleaned through the washer & dryer, it's still exposed to wrinkles. That's why it's important to know which ironing board will help you preserve your quality and lifespan of your clothes.


Types Of Ironing Boards

There are three different types of ironing boards in today's market. Each of them offers a wide range of skills and benefits at the user's disposal. We'll be discussing the portable and built in iron models and how each of them helps keep your clothes in good condition.


Foldable Board Small

You’ll usually see portable ironing boards in most homes around the world. They have gained widespread popularity, because of their ease-of-use and their ability to be accessed at almost any time.

One main advantage of portable boards is their foldable legs. This allows you to place your ironing board in a safe location when you’re not using it. Meaning that you can set up a location to begin and complete your ironing. Purchase a folding ironing board gives you the ability to iron your clothes anywhere.

However, portable ironing boards can break easily. Make sure that you keep your ironing board properly maintained to prevent this problem from happening. Overall, you’ll find portable ironing boards useful if you live nomadically, or in areas with tight spaces.


This is known as the traditional ironing method. Built-in ironing boards are often custom installed or placed on a free wall at home. Like the portable ironing board, it's a great tool to have when there are limited spaces in your home.

Build In Foldable Board

One advantage with wall mounted irons are that they are easy to install. On average, it takes the user at least 40 minutes to ensure that their built-in ironing board is working properly. Make sure to check if your home or apartment is compatible with wall-mounted ironing boards before buying one.

Why Should You Choose Your Ironing Board Carefully

Most beginners make the mistake of impulsively buying an ironing board. This often leads to them getting a board that doesn't perform up to their expectations. Avoid this issue by quickly taking a look at this section.

You should be careful in choosing your ironing board because chances are, you’re going to use it for a long time. Make sure that the ironing board you are planning to buy has the features that you like before taking it out of the store shelves.

When getting an ironing board, don't always go for the cheapest option. These boards are useful but tend to break at any given notice. Save yourself the time and money by buying an ironing board that can keep up with your daily needs. Each of the boards on this list is designed with multiple features that will enhance your skills and keep your clothes looking clean.

Things to Look For when Purchasing an Ironing Board


If it’s possible, you’ll want to choose the widest ironing board you can find. This allows for a more controlled and precise level of ironing. Getting wide boards ensures that you have enough space and room to effectively remove the wrinkles and unwanted particles on your clothing.

Wayne Enterprises Large Board

Full-sized ironing boards are at least 4 foot and 12-18 inches wide. Most of the boards on our review come at these size dimensions. Thus, making it easier for you to find the right size you need for your home.


While we have given the recommended height for a good ironing board, there are still some people who like to iron on the floor. This can prove to be a problem due to different people in your house needing different heights for them to iron their clothes properly.

To fix this issue, find an ironing board that allows for adjustments. Some ironing boards can be adjusted to a height that offers the most utility towards the person that’s using it.


While it's good to have an ironing board that's lightweight, it should also be durable enough to last for an extended time frame. The board should have a frame that's strong enough so you can work without having it tip over.

Sturdy Board Design

We recommend choosing an ironing board table that is the most stable. It should have a solid base and sturdy legs to prevent it from falling at unexpected times. Having a sturdy ironing board reduces the chances of accidents occurring, resulting in a safer and efficient form of ironing.

Type Of Cover

Iron covers or board pads, come in various sizes and materials. Good ironing boards have a cover that has vent holes in the middle and the surface. This allows for the steam to enter and escape through the board. Doing this results in better quality clothes that have a more professional result.

However, these vent holes can make an impression on your clothes. That's why you'll want your board's cover to have enough padding. The modern iron board covers come with a non-stick feature, which keeps your clothes safe from being stuck onto the ironing board.

Iron Rest

The iron rest is usually built on the wide end of the board. It's mainly used to expand the current area of the board. Also, it ensures that the iron remains stabilized so that they don't fall from the board. You should buy ironing boards that have an iron rest to fix your clothes while preventing the board from causing further issues.

Iron Board Rest for the Iron

Safety Options For Children

It’s important to keep your ironing equipment away from young children. They can get ahold of it, and expose themselves to burns or even more severe injuries. Here’s a list of things you can do to ensure that your child stays safe.

  • Store your ironing board in a safe place
  • Warn your child the dangers of using an ironing board incorrectly.
  • Teach your child how to use an ironing board effectively.

By doing this, you instill safety techniques into your child’s mind before they even touch the ironing board. Make sure they know the importance and dangers of misuse. If possible, we suggest showing them how to use an ironing board until they become proficient at using it on their own.

Recommended Ironing Temperatures

It's important to use the right temperature setting when ironing your clothes. This ensures that they will be pressed properly while not causing any long-term damage to the fabric. Understanding the recommended setting ensures that your clothes will stay in excellent condition.

Here is a table in regards to iron temperatures in relation to the recommended fabric. Each of the temperature units is measured in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Recommended Fabric:Temperature (F/C)


Temperature (°F/°C)











When ironing, make sure to start with fabrics that require the lowest temperature setting. For instance, acetate and nylon. Then move onto polyester, silks, and other synthetic fabrics. After that, move onto linen and cotton fabrics as they require the highest setting.

Give your iron at least 5 minutes of rest If you plan on switching back to a lower temperature. This will prevent the iron from overheating and destroying the fabric of your clothes.

Burning Clothes with an Iron

That being said, we’ll segway onto our top ironing board recommendations. In that section, we’ll review the top five ironing boards in the market. Buying an ironing board online gives you enough time to check each of the products to make sure which one will benefit you the most.

Our Top Ironing Board Recommendations

An ironing board is a tool that is a necessity for your household, so you wouldn't buy one that would break after a couple of months. Below are several best ironing board reviews india has given its input in.

Familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of an ironing board will help you realize what you require from the tool. Hopefully, the information above will come in handy when you are reading our top recommended ironing boards.

Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board

For those who require an ironing board that’s meant to last several years, Bathla is the manufacturer you should be paying attention to. Bathla takes pride in scientifically analyzing and carefully designing ironing boards to perform at optimal levels. It’s no surprise that Bathla manufactures the best ironing board on the market.

Bathla made sure to keep space efficiency and aesthetics in mind when designing its X-Press Ace Ironing Board. Since Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board functions as a portable ironing board, you can easily place it anywhere in your home without it taking up space.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 143-cm x 42cm x 10-cm
  • Proprietary aluminized cloth cover
  • ​Anti-skid PVC shoes
  • ​Large multi-function tray
  • ​Included Wire Manager
  • High-grade steel build
  • Precision molded plastic parts
  • Adjustable Height
Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board

Who Is Bathla?

Bathla originated from India and was founded around the 1960's as a ladder manufacturing company. Their specialty is producing specially tested aluminum alloys along with other aluminum materials, which explains why Bathla ventured to produce aluminum based household products.

As more people started to demand different types of Bathla products, Bathla responded with setting their focus on manufacturing more products that simplify household tasks.

Nowadays, Bathla's sole mission is to cater to the needs of individual households. This means when you use a Bathla product; your chores are less strenuous and time-consuming.

Bathla household line includes ladders, cloth drying stands, and ironing tables that come in varying sizes to accommodate your needs. Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board is one of the many Bathla household items expertly designed to make your life easier.

When compared to all the other ironing boards, Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Stand is the best selling ironing board. This is due to Bathla expert design implemented onto the ironing board, which guarantees no user is left feeling disappointed after using the device.

What’s the design?

Some design features:

Durable Build

Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Stand mainly consists of high-grade durable steel that ensures the product's longevity. On top of having a steel build, the ironing stand also includes a nickel chromium plating, which functions to increase the surface's hardness.

Bathla scientifically analyzed precise molded plastic parts and tested them to ensure the product’s stability. Having an unstable ironing board is a hazard, and can cause you to injure yourself.

Saves Time

Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board comes with a proprietary aluminized cloth cover that simultaneously absorbs and reflects heat. This means that when you iron your clothes, those wrinkles will disappear within a matter of seconds.

This innovative cloth cover is proven to save over 40% of your time spent ironing clothes. The ironing board also comes with a multi-function tray that’s used for stacking clothes, which saves you the trouble of finding a spot to place freshly ironed clothes.

Bathla emphasizes its ironing board’s multifunctional capability, which easily makes Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board the best barbantia ironing board when compared to the other ironing boards being reviewed.

Synergy Ironing Board

For those looking for an ironing board with a contemporary flare to it, Synergy Ironing Board is the product you’ve been searching for. In fact, Synergy Ironing Board fabric cover comes with a black and white leopard print design that will complement your home’s interior decor.

When it comes down to ironing board design aspects, Synergy hands down has the best rated ironing board.

Technical Specs:

  • Extra Large Size
  • Dimensions: 123-cm x 43cm x 95-cm
  • ​Absorbent cloth
  • ​Built with high-quality steel
  • ​Adjustable Height
  • Locking Mechanism

Who is Synergy?

There isn’t a lot of information available about Synergy, but the products it manufactures all have stellar reviews. Synergy doesn’t focus on making just ironing boards, but their ironing boards are slowly rising in demand.

Synergy manufactures backpacks, household tools, umbrellas, and other household items. Even though Synergy sells a variety of products, their quality standard remains high. This means that every Synergy product you buy is guaranteed to produce high-quality results.

Out of all the portable ironing boards, it’s safe to say that Synergy Ironing Board is the best portable ironing board you can incorporate in your home.

What’s The design?

Some design features:

Extra Large Size

Synergy Ironing Board improved on its last ironing board model by making this one larger in size. By still keeping the board’s folding mechanism, Synergy earned the reputation of manufacturing the best folding ironing board on the market.

The slight dimension changes make Synergy Ironing Board ideal for ironing both sarees and burqas. The previous model made ironing large pieces of clothing a hassle, so it's good news that Synergy listened to its customers.

Durable Build

An ironing board's effectiveness depends on the material it's made from. Synergy Ironing Board consists of high-quality steel that ensures the product's durability. It's important to note that having a steel build isn't enough to ensure Synergy Ironing Board is entirely durable.

Synergy Ironing Board comes with an innovative supporting leg design that provides both durability and stability. The supporting legs can rotate up to 360 degrees to adjust to uneven surfaces. This means the ironing board adjusts to your surrounding environment, which gives you the freedom to iron your clothes anywhere.

Peng Hummer Ironing Board

If you need a basic ironing board, you can trust Peng Essentials to deliver. Peng Essentials recently improved on their previous ironing board model to produce a new model that is superior in quality and usability.

Peng Hummer Ironing Board didn't adjust in size since it is still medium-sized, so don't expect to iron large articles of clothing successfully. One improvement Peng Essentials should be noted for is enhancing their foam technology to make the board more absorbent.

When it comes down to price and quality, Peng Hummer Ironing Board is the best affordable ironing board that’s available on the market.

Technical Specs:

  • Newly Designed Cushion
  • Powder Coated Legs (Silver)
  • ​Foldable
  • ​Adjustable Heights (Four levels)
  • Dimensions: 110-cm x 34cm x 6cm
Peng Hummer Ironing Board Review

Who is Peng Essentials?

Peng Essentials is a recently developed company that began operating in September 2016. The manufacturer prides itself in producing necessary household appliances that effortlessly improve your home's appearance.

You’ll notice that every product that comes from Peng Essentials all have simple designs. This means you can easily place Peng Hummer Ironing Board anywhere around your home without having it clash with the interior decor.

Peng Essentials provides individuals with basic household utility appliances that don't cost much money. It makes sense as to why Peng Hummer Ironing Board is one of the cheapest products amongst our recommended ironing boards.

What’s The design?

Some design features:

Durable Build

Peng Hummer Ironing Board is primarily made of high-quality steel, which is the most conventional ironing board material.

This ironing board does have one differing quality that makes the product slightly more durable, and that would be its heavy duty legs. Peng Hummer Ironing Board's legs are powder coated in a silver color that acts as a protective layer. The silver coating also improves the overall appearance of the ironing board itself.

Improved Cushioning

Peng Essentials decided to address the issues their previous ironing board model had, and one prevalent issue was the cushioning. The former model looked stylish but didn't perform up to standards.

Peng Hummer Ironing Board is designed with enhanced cushioning material that absorbs and reflects heat at standard levels. The cushion improved when Peng Essentials added a felt and foam combination on the steel mesh portion of the ironing board.

Instead of spending hours trying to iron clothes, it’ll only take you minutes.

PAffy Ironing Board

If you prefer an ironing board with a floral print design, PAffy specializes in producing florally themed ironing boards at prices everyone can afford.

Unlike the previously mentioned ironing boards, PAffy Ironing Board consists of a shockproof wooden board, which is similar to more traditional ironing board models. Wooden ironing boards are ineffective in ironing clothes in a timely fashion, so don’t expect quick results from this product.

Technical Specs:

  • Shockproof Wooden Board
  • Protective Floor Tips
  • ​Foam Cloth
  • Powder Coated Steel Pipes
  • ​Foldable
  • ​Metal chrome plated rack
  • Dimensions: 15 inches x 48 inches
  • Maximum Height: Around 3.5 feet
PAffy Board Review

Who is PAffy?

Similar to Synergy, there isn’t a lot of information available about PAffy. In fact, the only information we could gather is that PAffy specializes in manufacturing products relevant for the home and kitchen.

Other than producing medium-quality ironing boards, PAffy sells cleaning supplies, office furniture, storage containers, and laundry baskets. For cheap mid-tier quality household products, PAffy should be your go-to manufacturer.

What’s The Design?

Some design features:

Durable Design

PAffy Ironing Board consists of shockproof wood, which is very sturdy and heavy, but isn't effective at all when it comes to ironing clothes. The leg portion is made of heavy duty steel, which is a stable enough platform to stabilize the weight of the wood.

Paffy Folding Ironing Board Review

Having a stable ironing board ensures the product lasts longer than a couple of months. PAffy made sure to enhance the product’s durability by including powder coated steel pipes. This guarantees that the ironing board legs have an additional layer of protection.

Size & Height

PAffy Ironing Board is smaller than your standard ironing board, so if you're a tall person, you may want to think twice before buying this product. One buyer said that people with heights above 5 foot 7 inches would have a hard time smoothly ironing their clothes.

However, PAffy did make sure to appeal to the buyer by making the ironing board's height adjustable. You have control over your comfort while you iron clothes when you adjust the product's height suitable to your needs.

Wayne Enterprises Ironing Board

If you need a large sized ironing board, Wayne Enterprises Ironing Board is one of the biggest ironing boards reviewed. The only other product that’s about the same size would be Synergy Ironing Board.

Buyers only had positive comments about the ironing board's structure and build, but all had complaints about the delivery time. Keep in mind that when ordering products online, it may take longer for you to receive it in the mail, especially when it's coming from a country thousands of miles away.

Technical Specs

  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • Dimensions: 122-cm x 47-cm
  • ​Adjustable Height
  • Protective Rubber Guards
Wayne Enterprises Board Review

What’s The Design?

Some design features:

Durable Frame

Wayne Enterprises Ironing Board is average in build, so this is an ideal ironing board if you’re looking for something basic and simple. There is nothing fancy about the design, but the heavy duty steel build is the product’s redeeming quality.

Absorbent Cloth

The fabric that surrounds Wayne Enterprises Ironing Board is of decent quality, so ironing clothes shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes. Some buyers commented on the ironing board's high-grade heat absorbency, which is an important feature for an ironing board to have.


You got an extensive breakdown on ironing boards, so you know exactly what to look for next time you're out shopping for one. Hopefully, the recommended ironing boards give you an idea of what features you need from your device.

The ideal ironing board will be the one that lasts you a long time and doesn't cause a hassle to operate. Your comfort should be your top priority when it comes to ironing boards.

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