Easy Tips on How to Remove Lint from Clothes

Easy Tips on How to Remove Lint from Clothes

Imagine putting a piece of clothing in the wash so you can wear it for work or a night out, only to pull it out covered with lint. For most of us, this is a very common occurrence and can be very annoying.

For one, there is no way you can rock off a piece of clothing covered with lint unless you are going for the messy and unkempt look. But how can you remove lint from your clothes easily? Removing lint can take some time especially if you try to take them off with your fingers one by one?

In this article, we will discuss some helpful tips that you can use on how to remove lint from clothes easily.

First things first, what is lint and where do they come from?

Lint is the small and fuzzy things that stick onto pieces of clothing when you place them in the washing machine or dryer. They are often more visible on dark pieces of clothing but can destroy the look of any outfit all the same.

Lint comes from small fibers in clothes that get loose during washing and stick onto other pieces of clothing. They mix in with the dirt during washing making them more unsightly. Any piece of clean clothing can look dirty when there is lint all over.

How Can You Prevent Lint From Getting On Your Clothes?

When you often get lint on your clothing every time you wash them, then there might be something that you are doing wrong in the process.

As they say, “prevention is better than cure”, so here are some things that you can do to prevent lint on your clothes:

  1. Handwash clothes which are prone to shedding to prevent their fibers from sticking to your other clothes.
  2. Also, handwash clothes which are delicate and expensive to prevent lint from sticking to them.
  3. Identify which clothes and fabric give off lint and do not wash them with your other pieces of clothing.
  4. Turn your clothes inside out so if there are any chances that lint will stick, it’s on the inner side of your clothes.
  5. Always check your clothes’ pockets for any tissues or paper before washing since these can cause a lot of lint when torn and shredded in the washing machine.
  6. Add ¼ cup of vinegar to the washing machine when you are washing clothes that are lint-prone since this will minimize the amount of lint sticking onto them.
  7. If there is a piece of clothing that has lint on it, try removing as much lint as possible before tossing it into the washing machine.
  8. Always clean your washing machine and dryer’s lint filter since lint trapped inside them can come out when it gets too full.
  9. Clean your washing machine every two months by running an empty cycle to remove the lint and dirt that has accumulated.
  10. As much as possible, try not to buy clothes that are prone to shedding and attract lint easily.

So What Can You Do To Remove Lint?

If there is lint in you clothing that is already present, the only thing left for you to do is to remove them. Here are some easy ways that you can do:

Re-wash your clothes

If there is too much lint sticking on your clothes, you can wash them again but skip the detergent. Simply put your clothes in the washing machine filled with water and let it run a full cycle.

When the cycle is finished, shake of your clothes to remove any leftover lint.

Put micro fiber clothes in your dryer

When placing your lint-covered clothing in your dryer, toss in pieces of microfiber cloths along with them. Microfiber cloths are able to magnetize lint really well.

Rub a dryer sheet on your clothing

You can also get a couple of dryer sheets and simply rub it gently on your clothing. Dryer sheets can remove the static on fabrics and lift off lint from them effectively.

Use masking tape

In case you accidentally wore a piece of clothing that has lint on it to the office, you can use a masking tape to lift off lint. Just use the sticky side of the tape and press onto the clothing repeatedly to lift off lint from your clothes.

Use a lint roller or brush

If you have clothes that are prone to shedding or are lint-magnets, having a lint roller or brush can be handy. These small devices can easily pick up lint when rolled or brushed on the surface of clothes.

Since they are small and handy, you can easily carry them in your bag all the time.

Invest in lint shavers

In addition to lint brushes and lint rollers, lint shavers like the Philips GC026/30 Fabric Shaver claim to not just effectively remove lint, but pills and frizzes as well. Lint shavers are battery-operated or plugged into an electrical socket.

They literally “shave” lint off your clothing like you would when shaving the hair off your skin. They are easy to use and are quite effective in lifting off lint easily.

Rub a pumice stone

On sweaters and fleece clothes, you can rub a pumice stone to remove pilling and lint. Just be careful not to rub too hard and go along the weave of the fabric to prevent damaging your clothes.

Use a Velcro strip

If you have a strip of Velcro around, you can use the rough side to rub against the fabric and lift off lint. Simply roll the strip of Velcro around your palm and rub it downwards to remove lint.

Lift off the accumulated lint at the bottom with a piece of tape.

By using these helpful tips on how to remove lint from clothes and how to prevent them from happening, you can wear your clothes confidently with the knowledge that they look clean and stunning.

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