Is Garment Steamer Better Than Iron

Is Garment Steamer Better Than Iron? A Closer Look

Wearing clothes that have creases, folds, wrinkles, and lines is something that every person does not want. That is because of the fact that people, by nature, always want to look presentable and properly groomed, especially at work, school, and when they are on a date. Nevertheless, the presence of irregularities on clothes cannot be prevented. They may appear after the clothes have been washed and when they are not properly folded and stored.

The good thing is that there are processes that can be used in order to remove the irregularities on clothes. Generally speaking, they are processes that involve the use of heat with the help of special, electrically-operated appliances. One of which is the so-called dry iron. Another is the garment steamer.

Dry Iron

A dry iron is a simple, hand-held product that has been used for several decades in straightening creases and wrinkles on clothes. It uses both dry heat and weight in order to perform its function. It has a flat, semi-triangular plate that is used to press the clothes during the ironing process. It is also the part that is responsible for transferring the heat from the product to the clothing. A dry iron also has an adjustable thermostat so that the right temperature for each type of fabric can be used.


  • Can be used on clothing made with silk fabric.
  • Affordable
  • Can remove old and sharp creases or wrinkles.
  • Produces crisp collars and necklines.
  • Straight and smooth pleats on pants and skirts can be created.
  • Temperature can be adjusted according to fabric type.


  • Cannot be used on prints.
  • May burn or scorch clothes when not used properly.
  • Requires an ironing board.

Garment Steamer

A garment steamer is a modern type of an appliance that uses water vapor or steam to straighten creases and wrinkles. It has a compartment wherein the water will be placed. The water tank is also responsible for making sure that the water does not come out once it is heated. The steam that is produced is released with the help of pressure. It also has controls that can be adjusted to match the clothing material.


  • Can be used for horizontal and vertical steam ironing.
  • Does not require an ironing board.
  • Straightens creases and wrinkles in a fast manner.
  • Does not burn or scorch clothes.
  • Can be used on wools and other thick materials.
  • Can be used on prints.


  • Steamed clothes will be damp for a while.
  • Silk clothing may be destroyed.
  • Cannot straighten old, sharp wrinkles or creases.

Is Garment Steamer Better Than Iron?

In order to find the right answer for the question, “Is garment steamer better than iron?”, let us compare and contrast the two appliances in detail.


The dry iron and garment steamer are both designed in a way that they can be handled easily. They both have handgrips that are very comfortable and do not heat up when the appliances are plugged in. They also have control dials to ensure that the right temperature is used for each type of fabric material. However, the dry iron is heavier and larger than the garment steamer.

How They Work

As mentioned earlier, the two appliances remove irregularities on clothes with the help of heat. As the name implies, dry irons use dry heat while garment steamers use moist heat. With such in regard, with the use of a garment steamer, creases and wrinkles can be removed in a faster manner. That is due to the fact that the steam will relax the fibers within the clothes. Since the product can function without getting in contact with the clothing, users can use it on items that are hanging, like curtains and drapes. That also makes it safe to be used on printed and thick garments.

However, it is not recommended for silk materials since it may take up too much water vapor, which might, later on, destroy the clothing. Likewise, since it uses moist heat, users cannot wear their clothes immediately since they are still a little damp. Additionally, garment steamers can only work on simple creases and wrinkles.

Although straightening clothes with the use of a dry iron may take some time, it is capable of removing sharp or deep and old irregularities. That is because the weight of the iron being pressed on the clothing provides assistance to the heat. In relation to the reason mentioned, it also makes it possible for the product to create beautiful pleats on pants and skirts.

However, the pressing of the hot iron on printed clothing may melt and destroy the design. Likewise, the product also requires an ironing board so that it can perform its function efficiently. In addition, clothes, especially those that have thin materials, may be burnt or scorched accidentally.

Final Words

It can be denoted that the two appliances can effectively straighten clothes when the right temperature is used. But with the question “Is garment steamer better than iron?”, a garment steamer is better than an iron if a person wants to save time and effort. It is also better when it comes to avoiding the accidental burning of garments.

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