How to Choose the Right Ironing Board?

How to Choose the Right Ironing Board?

Ironing your clothes is a time taking and hectic work. You will be required different ironing accessories to get the best ironing result. One of the most important accessories is the ironing board. Using a good quality ironing board, you can make this tedious task much easier. There is a huge selection of different ironing board in the market today. The following guidelines will help you to choose the right ironing board.

Talking more about the ironing board, it comes with a flat, padded surface on which clothes are placed for ironing. The pad carries some ventilation holes, which allow the hot steam from the iron to penetrate the clothes and move out from the bottom. A perfect ironing board offers some extra features to make ironing easier.

These include sleeves of around 2 feet long and 6 to 8 inches wide, attached to the board. Another important feature includes the iron-rest. This is usually situated at the end of the board and made of heatproof material. It holds the iron safely. These are essential household equipment.

Understand about types of the ironing board

Nowadays you can easily find different kinds of the ironing board. So, it makes it difficult to choose the right ironing board. Here are some types of ironing boards that you can buy:

  • Portable ironing board

These are the most common types of the ironing board, and you can find them in most homes across the world. One of the major advantages of the portable board is that its legs can be folded when you are not using the board. You can also place the board where you want to do the ironing and can keep it is a small place after the task.

You can also adjust the height of the board as per your preferred ironing positions. You can set the board to do ironing in a standing or sitting position. So, no matter what is your ironing position, this will be the perfect option for you.

  • Wall mounted ironing board:

This type is custom installed or mounted to a free wall in the home. You can fold it out when you need.  This type of ironing board is a perfect option if there is not enough space in your home, apartment or condominium. However, because of its space-saving feature, now people living in the big house also have started using a wall mounted ironing board.

One advantage of this board is you can place it in small spaces. Another advantage is that it is very easy to install and use. You can go for the door-mounted board. It is just like a wall mounted type, but the only difference is that it is very easy to hide as it generally placed behind the doors.

  • Tabletop ironing board

When it comes to one of the most portable ironing boards, you can’t neglect tabletop ironing board. It comes with short legs and can be placed at the top of a table. As it is portable, you can bring it along with you wherever you go. If you have a small home, this can be the best option for you.

Some important features that the iron boards should have

Ironing boards offer different features. Some of the major features are:

  • Size

If you look, you will find that the average size ironing board is 54 inches long and width is around 15 inches. On the other hand, the professional ironing boards are even larger than the normal boards. They can be around 63 inches long, and the width will be around 19 inches.

  • Height

The height of the ironing boards will also vary according to different companies. However, to enjoy a comfortable ironing experience, always choose the board with standard height. For example, the ironing boards which rise to the hip levels, considered to be ideal for ironing. There are also ironing board with different adjustable heights that you can choose for your home. So, don’t go with a fix-sized ironing board. Choose the board whose size can be adjusted as per your comfort-ability.

  • Frame

While choosing the best ironing board, you should consider the frame of the ironing tables. Most of these tables come with lightweight frames. So that you can move them easily from one room to another room. But remember that, the frame should be strong enough to hold the table in the place while ironing the clothes.

  • Vent Holes

Most of the ironing boards include vent holes. It let the hot steam to escape. So, while selecting one, it is really important to make sure that the table has vent holes.

  • Adjust-ability

Always choosing the ironing tables, pick the table which is adjustable and flexible. Most of the boards are adjustable. You can easily fix the appropriate level and height as per your requirement.

  • Iron Rest

The boards must have the iron rest. It is quite essential as it offers a place to keep the iron safely without the possibility of falling off.

Which ironing board should you buy?

Since you require a flat, wide surface for ironing the clothes, a sturdy and lightweight ironing board will be very important as choosing a functioning hot iron. Today’s, ironing board are available as a portable type or as a wall-mounted or built-in model. Portable boards may be stand-alone and designed for tabletop use. These are generally designed to be very flexible and versatile.

You can manually adjust the height and can carry them easily from one place to another. These portable boards are usually designed to be either too big or too small. A full-sized ironing board will take too much space in your room, and you will need space to store it properly. A small tabletop board which is quite convenient for use and handier is often not adequate for all types of clothes.

People always seek the positive benefits that they can enjoy from purchasing a product. If you need to have the fastest ironing experience, an ironing board with customization features will save your time and reduce your efforts. So, consider all these factors to get the perfect ironing board for you.

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