How to iron clothes without an ironing board

How to iron clothes without an ironing board?

Ironing clothes is a difficult but the necessary household chore. This tedious task can be made a lot easier using an ironing board. The ironing board has a flat and a padded surface on which clothes are placed for ironing. Most of the ironing pads come with ventilation holes, which allow steam to penetrate the clothes and remove the wrinkles.

Ironing boards are the great equipment and provide you with an effective way to ironing the clothes. But what would you do if you don’t have any ironing board but need to iron your clothes? What you may face some situations like the ironing board may have broken a leg, and you left the town in a hurry without the ironing board, but you need to remove the wrinkles.

However, if you are wondering how to iron clothes without an ironing board, you can easily accomplish your task using any hard and flat surface for ironing. If you hardly do ironing, you may be able to get the task done by using this method when you urgently need to iron the clothes. So, save your time with these easy tricks.

Tips to iron clothes without an ironing board

1. Use the floor

If you have a flat and clean floor in your house, you can use the floor as a base for ironing the clothes. Before using it, clean the floor and put down a thick towel or any cloth protector. To get the better protection, you can use the ironing blanket which can be purchased from the local market. These blankets are designed to prevent the strong heat and steam of the iron from damaging the floor.

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If you have a flat and clean floor in your house, you can use the floor as a base for ironing the clothes.

2. Make your ironing board using a normal board

Before the invention of the ironing board, people were using a board to the iron their clothes. So, you can use the board. Take a straight board and place it on two chairs and cover it with a protective cloth. However, if you don’t have any sturdy chairs to place the board on, you can use two sawhorses or tables. It will offer you a perfect platform, and you can easily iron your clothes.

3. Use a steam iron

If you don’t have any ironing board, then it’s time to take out your steam iron. You don’t need an ironing board to de-wrinkle your clothes. Even though steam irons are for some specific fabric, but you can use it as an alternative to traditional iron. It works on water steam. All you need to do is just hand your clothes straight and move the steam iron gently around the clothes. The steam will remove the wrinkles from the fabric.

4. Use the table which you have in your house

If you have a table with sufficient height and sturdy, it can be used as the ironing board. However, prefer to cover the top of the table with an ironing blanket. Otherwise, you can buy a portable tabletop ironing board.

So, no need to worry about the ironing if you don’t have an ironing board. Use the tricks mentioned above and get the job done.


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