How To Use Garment Steamer Products

How To Use Garment Steamer Products: A Helpful Guide

Garment steamers are modern, electrically-operated, handheld products that are starting to become a household name. Owning one can make sure that you will be able to have wrinkle-free clothes without the need to spend too much time. That is because the number of clothes that you normally finish when using an iron can be doubled or even tripled.

Taking such into consideration, you will also become more productive because you can use the remaining time to accomplish other household chores. Likewise, you will even have enough time to get a drink with friends or go shopping!

Apart from productivity and time-efficiency, you will also be free from the back pains that you normally experience when using traditional clothes irons. In addition, the possibility of scorching or burning clothes is also less or not likely to happen when using garment steamers. In case it happens, the degree of the burn will not be as severe as when using an iron. Likewise, it can also be removed easily.

In relation to the structure and functionality of garment steamers, they usually have small sizes and are equipped with easy-to-grip handles. They have a compartment wherein you can safely place water. Hence, it is called a water tank.They also have a nozzle – the part where you can see steam coming out or being released. That is also the one that you will be using for the garment. The heat from the steam is the one responsible for removing the creases and wrinkles.

The moist, on the other hand, is the one that hastens the de-wrinkling process. That is due to the fact that it relaxes the minute fibers of the clothing. In some garment steamers, you will also see some control dials or buttons. You will use in order to adjust the temperature of the heat, as well as the amount of steam being released. The settings will be based on the requirements of the clothes that you are working on.

Nevertheless, the success of removing creases and wrinkles, as well as the prevention of garment burns, depends on the proper usage of the item. Thus, it is very important that you learn how to use garment steamer products efficiently.

Step-by-step Procedure on How To Use Garment Steamer Products

Before going through the process on how to use garment steamer products, you should first know the type of fabric materials wherein the appliance cannot be used. Some of which include suede-, wax-, and plastic-based materials. Likewise, checking the garment label is also a good way to determine if steamer can be used.

Step One: The Preparation Phase

  1. Place cold water inside the water tank until the water level line. If none, follow the one written in the product’s manual.
  2. Close the lid of the water tank tightly.
  3. Plug the garment steamer in.
  4. Wait for about two or three minutes or until the water heats up.
  5. Push or press the trigger or button, which is usually located on the handle, to check if a nice stream of water vapor is already being produced. If yes, then the product is ready.
  6. Hang the garment to be steamed on a laundry rack stand shower rod, doorknob, or chair.

Step Two: The Steaming Process

  1. Place the nozzle of the garment steamer near the clothing.
  2. Follow a downward stroke to cover all the areas of the garment.
  3. While you are sliding the steamer, it is better that you press the steam button once in a while.

Step Three: The Drying Process

Since the clothing has been exposed to moist heat, you should expect that it will be a little damp. All you have to do is leave it hanging from five to 10 minutes.

An important note to be taken when using a garment steamer is that you should constantly check the water level. If it starts to run low, switch off and unplug the product. After which, carefully refill the water tank and start over again.

How To Use Garment Steamer Products On Specific Items

Below are the different types of clothes, materials, and situations wherein special garment steaming processes or techniques should be used.

Clothes Made With Heavy Materials

When you are steaming clothes made with heavy materials like wool, you will expect that you will spend more time in removing creases or wrinkles. Thus, it is better that you steam the inner part of the garment first. After which, turn it over and work on the outside.

Clothes With Prints And Embroideries

The materials used in the printed and embroidered designs of the garment may be sensitive to heat. If it is not indicated on the label, it is always best that you to take the necessary precaution. What you should do is turn the garment inside out and steam the inner area. You should also allow the clothing to dry first before turning it over again.

Clothes With Special Embellishments

When you are going to steam garments that have ruffles or pleats, the garment should be placed one or two inches away from them. Through such, the shape will be maintained, and only the unnecessary wrinkles will be removed.


Garment steamers have great contributions when it comes to reducing the load of household chores. They can be used on many types of fabric materials and clothing. However, you should always make sure that you know how to use garment steamer products properly. That can be done by strictly following the manufacturer’s guidelines and the step-by-step procedures detailed above, as well as by knowing the special needs of the clothes that you will be working on.

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