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The 5 Best Cloth Drying Stands to Buy in India [2019 Update]

Hanging out freshly washed clothes to dry in the sun is something that every household in India does. Most of us use clothing lines or rails for hanging out the clothes. But a cloth drying stand makes for a much better choice. They are easy to set up, can accommodate more clothes, are reasonably durable and also help you dry your clothes naturally.

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Paffy King Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand
Celebrations Fast Dry Cloth Dryer Stand
PARASNATH Prime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand
Magna Homewares® Accordion Basic Cloth Drying Stand
NR-I Stainless Steel Rust Proof Ceiling Clothes Hanger Roof Mount Cloth Dryer

Reasons to Air-Dry Your Laundry

Drying your laundry in the open air has its own perks, some of them being:

  • Environment-friendly, as you save energy
  • Whitens and disinfects your clothes naturally, all thanks to the sunlight
  • Gentle on clothes, as you are not exposing your clothes to dryer heat
  • Reduces wrinkles, if you hang them properly and let them dry in the natural air

This pretty much sums up the importance of air drying your laundry, and a cloth stand can prove to be an ultimate solution here.

Did you know?  

Our body produces 40 grams of sebum and grease, 10 grams of salt, 10 grams of skin flakes and cells on a daily basis and most of this gets accumulated on sheets and clothes.

Why Should You Go For a Cloth Stand?

A cloth drying stand has many advantages over the traditional clothing lines and rails. The following are a few reasons why you should go for a cloth stand:


Saves space

Most cloth stands can be converted into a compact structure when not in use. Special hinges are provided in the cloth stands so that they can be folded and put away in a corner or opened and spread out as per need..


Accommodates more clothes

Cloth stands are much more spacious in terms of the number of clothes that you can hang on them. There is also no issue of clothes overlapping each other as each rod of the stand is spaced enough to avoid the clothes touching each other.



Since you need to dry all kinds of laundry including big clothes like bed sheets and towels as well as smaller articles like inner wear and socks, you should choose a design which is compatible for hanging all sizes of laundry.


Can be used for indoor drying

In case of unexpected rain or thunderstorms, you can easily transfer all your clothes indoors by just picking up the stand and bringing it inside. Cloth stands are also very useful during the monsoon season as you can simply hang the clothes to dry under the ceiling fan.


 Long lasting

Most cloth stands are made of durable and weather-resistant materials like steel which do not rust, corrode or otherwise get damaged even after extended exposure to sun and rain.

How to Pick the Right Cloth Stand

A cloth drying stand comes in numerous variants which makes choosing one out of them a tough task. To help you out, here are a few tips which would help you in making the best choice:


Choose the right size

Depending on the load of laundry that you do at a time, you should choose the size of the cloth stand which can take all the clothes. You may also consider the dimensions of the room or balcony where you are planning to place the stand.


It should be lightweight

One of the major advantages of a cloth stand is that it can be carried around. However, you should ensure that you choose a cloth stand that is light enough for you to pick it along with the weight of the clothes hanging on it..


Go for a versatile design

Since you need to dry all kinds of laundry including big clothes like bed sheets and towels as well as smaller articles like inner wear and socks, you should choose a design which is compatible for hanging all sizes of laundry.


Check out the collapsible stands too

Collapsible cloth stands which can be folded up when not in use also come in various designs. Many stands are semi-collapsible while others have extended flaps or wings for accommodating hangers. Choose the design which fits your needs pretty well.


Pay regard to weather conditions in your area

While choosing the material which your cloth stand is made of, it is best to take into consideration whether you live in an area with heavy rain or a relatively dry area so that you can make a choice accordingly.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Make sure that you place your cloth stand in a well-ventilated area. It is highly recommended to open windows and switch on the extractor fans
  • Wash your clothes early in the morning so that they can get dried naturally in the sun’s warmth
  • Hang your coats, shirts, and blouses on hangers to ensure that they dry quickly and as crease-free as possible
  • Flip your clothes after an hour or so. This would expose the other surface to the air and would help in drying faster.
  • Do not hang your clothes too close to each other. Instead, make sure that there is enough space between the clothes so that they do not touch each other. When drying thicker items like towels and jeans, hang them properly on two bars so that the two sides do not touch each other

Our Recommendations for the Best Cloth Drying Stand to Buy in India

To make it even more convenient for you to make the choice of a cloth stand, we have put together a list of recommendations for the best cloth stands online

This is a retractable cloth drying stand with multiple features which helps you dry out the daily laundry loads in the open air


  • Can be folded to alter the design as per convenience. For example, the middle frame can be completely folded down if you need to hang up a bed sheet from the top frame
  • Made of anti-rust reinforced steel. This ensures that the stand is corrosion proof even if it comes in contact with rain or moisture
  • Can be moved around with the help of six caster wheels attached at the bottom. This way you don’t have to face the hassle of picking it up to move it around
  • Two additional arms have been specially provided for hanging hangers
  • With 6 wings having 4 rails each, this cloth stand is fairly spacious and can accommodate a lot of clothes in a single go


  • This cloth drying stand is a bit difficult to assemble since it requires a lot of bolts and screws to be fixed in their right slots. However, an instruction manual is provided with the package to make the task easier​​​​

A perfect fit for Indian homes, the Celebrations Fast Dry Cloth dryer stand is made of top quality material and is designed for hanging all kinds of Indian attire including sarees, dupattas and the like.


  • Made of top quality MS pipes which are powder coated to make them resistant to rust
  • Can handle up to 55 to 60 kg of weight of wet clothes spread out over its rails.
  • No assembly is required. The cloth stand is pre-installed and is shipped in a ready to use condition.
  • The stand is comparatively low in height which makes it ideal for use by women of even shorter heights or aged women


  • This cloth drying stand is a bit difficult to assemble since it requires a lot of bolts and screws to be fixed in their right slots. However, an instruction manual is provided with the package to make the task easier​​​​
  • The stand is only semi-fold-able and therefore requires some space for storage

3. PARASNATH Prime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand

This is a perfect cloth stand steel with multiple folding arms and adjustable design which make it the right cloth stand for your home.


  • Extremely adjustable with many fold-able racks and arms so that you can accommodate all sizes of clothes
  • Can be moved around easily through the 6 castor wheels provided at the bottom. These wheels also work to protect the bottom layer from dragging on the floor
  • Along with the extendable hanger arms, this stand has a total of 21 rails which is more than sufficient for a day’s laundry even for a big family
  • Features a heavy frame design such that it can be propped up against the wall either with a half load or a full load


  • The structure of the stand is slightly unstable. Special attention needs to be paid to the top structure which can come down upon heavy load
  • The rails are prone to bending over extended usage

4. Magna Homewares® Accordion Basic Cloth Drying Stand

Magna cloth drying stand is a durable yet affordable cloth drying stand which is designed to match European standards for providing effective solutions for drying clothes without electric dryers and cloth lines.


  • Easy to set up as it just needs to be expanded into an upright position and the top bar hooked and locked in place. No separate nuts or bolts need to be screwed in
  • The stand is completely fold-able and can be turned into a compact size which can be stored next to the washing machine when not in use
  • The reinforced steel rods are silver in color which not only makes it a good looking stand but also ensure resistance to rust and mildew
  • The stand features 11 rods, four of which are placed horizontally across the top surface where heavy woolens can be hung up to dry


  • The stand is a perfect fit for light laundry loads, and might not work well if you have heavy laundry loads to dry
  • The screws tend to loosen up and may need to tighten up the screws properly

5. NR-I Stainless Steel Rust Proof Ceiling Clothes Hanger Roof Mount Cloth Dryer

This is a pulley style cloth drying stand which can be attached to the ceiling of your terrace or balcony room so that the wet clothes do not get in your way while walking around.


  • Comprises of 6 individual rods from which clothes can be hung to dry
  • The rods are made of stainless steel making it rust and corrosion proof. They are ideal for being used in all kinds of weather
  • The cloth stand is pulled up to the top of the ceiling with the help of pulleys so that the clothes get the optimum amount of sunlight and dry air
  • This kind of stand is ideal for being used as an indoor cloth drying stand since it does not need a separate space but can be easily installed in any corner of a room


  • Due to its different design, this cloth stand is a bit expensive when compared to other traditional cloth stands
  • May need a carpenter to fix it in the wall/ceiling

Final Word

Although each of the above cloth stands has its own unique features, our top choice would be the Paffy King Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand. Not only is it extremely spacious, it also comes from a well-known brand which gives us some assurance about its quality and durability.

The design of this cloth stand dryer is also versatile enough to accommodate clothes of all shapes and sizes. The castor wheels make it easy for even a child to push it from the balcony to an indoor room in a hurry when it starts raining.

 Unless you wish to go for a pulley design cloth stand, this cloth stand from Paffy is definitely one that you can give some serious thought to


Therefore , buying the best garment steamer is a very worthy investment especially for an avid traveler.

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