Selecting a Garment Steamer in India

Things to Consider When Selecting a Garment Steamer in India

People normally use an iron to keep their clothes wrinkle-free. But the truth is ironing is a monotonous and a boring task. Well, there is another way through which you can keep your garments as new as just bought. You must be wondering how it is possible? Yes, it possible and you can do this at your home. All you need is a garment steamer.

The garment steamer is an alternative to the traditional iron. While iron uses heat, garment steamer uses steam to remove wrinkles from your clothes, fabrics, carpets or upholstery. When it comes to the garment steamer, you can’t ignore garment steamer Usha. Why should you make use of it? The answer is very simple. It provides many benefits over a standard iron.

It is quite easy and comfortable to use and is gentler on clothes. It also keeps your clothing fresh and wrinkle-free for a longer period. You need to hang up your clothes, turn on the steamer and begin the work. You will not require any ironing board, and there is no need to move the iron over the clothes pressing it hard. There are different types of garment steamers available in the market.

You will find handheld garment steamer, portable garment steamer, professional or home-based garment steamer. Portable and hand-held garment steamer can be used anywhere like during travel you can carry this with you. Such garment steamer is developed to fit the needs of a traveler. But, the professional or home-based streamer is quite large and is suitable for big works.  

Benefits of garment steamers

·         Extremely beneficial in removing wrinkling and cleaning garments.

·         Helpful in reducing odors like smoking odor.

·         Compared to traditional irons, garment steamers are easy to use.

·         Between two dry cleaning sessions, these can freshen up garments.

·         Effective in eliminating germs, allergens, and dander that can be present in your garments.

·         Steam is beast for fabric. So, garment steamers can increase the durability of your clothes.

·         You can clean hard parts of your clothing shirt collar with ease.

Factors that you need to consider while buying a garment steamer

Different garment steamers carry different features. Some carry fewer price tags, and some are priced high. You are doing an investment while buying a garment steamer so; it is important to choose only the best garment steamer. To get the best one, consider the following factors when selecting a garment steamer:

·         Steam variable setting: 

Different fabrics need a different amount of steams. Otherwise steam can damage your costly clothing. If the garment steamer has the steam variable setting, then you will be able to adjust steam capacity.

·         Rach of garment steamer:

Steamer is not just used for clothing, it can be used for draperies or a long home. To cover the length of the house, the steamer must have a proper power cord.

·         Water tank capacity:

Check for its water capacity. The size of the tank should be adequate for your requirement. More water capacity means, continuous steaming. A portable garment steamer can continuously steam for around 10 minutes.

·         Working duration:

While buying, keep in mind about the length of time that the garment steamer will be able to steam the fabric or clothes. Some garment steamers which can last only for 15 minutes, while there are some that can last longer. If you are a traveler, then you should consider this factor.  Prefer to check the garment steamer reviews section to get knowledge about this.

·         Automatic turn-off feature:

This feature should be there so that when the garment steamer gets dry, this technology will shut it down immediately. Otherwise, it can damage the garment steamer. This feature is available in garment steamer Usha.

·         Reviews:

Before buying one, check for the reviews given by the customers who have been using it. Garment steamer reviews will help you in choosing the best one.

·         The weight of the machine:

If the machine is heavy, you will not feel comfortable to use it and if you are a traveler consider too buy a lightweight garment steamer.  

·         Suitable for your clothing material:

Many manufacturers will claim that their garment steamers are perfect for all clothing materials like silk, cotton, nylon and all. But that is not true. You need to find the machine which is suitable for your fabrics.  The best garment steamer comes with steam controller and suitable for your clothing.

·         Types of water tanks: 

Garment steamers are available with both removable and non-removable water tank. However, you should prefer to buy the machine with removable water tank as it will be easy for you to clean and fill. 

·         Heat-up time:

If you are a person who gives more importance to time, then you should choose a garment steamer with quick heat-up time. The portable garment steamer requires less time to heat-up.

·         Wattage:

If the garment steamer requires the higher voltage to warm up, you will face a large electric bill. The clothes steamer you are looking at should not require a lot of wattages to operate. The garment steamer Usha consumes less voltage and warm-up fast.

Garment steamers are very safe, easy and a perfect way for erasing wrinkles and giving clothes a new fresh look. Apart from that, your garment steamer helps you to keep your clothes in good shape, and they are also helpful in killing germs that stick to clothes. If you compared with the traditional iron, you will find that garment steamer is better than traditional iron or steam iron. These machines use steam instead of any heating elements which is good for fabrics.

There is no need to place the machine in direct contact with your clothes. That’s why garment steamers are considered as the best and safest device for any types of fabric. There is no doubt that after using the best garment steamer you will feel amazing and satisfied because this not only saves your time but also saves your money. Just look for the garment steamer reviews while choosing a garment steamer for your clothes.

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