Is Steam Iron Good For Clothes?

What To Look For In A Steam Iron?

The top-rated steam irons are not necessarily the most expensive one. The best steam irons are the one, which will not leak, not too heavy for lifting and heat up in less time. Steam irons are one of the most common household items and not just a toy developed from your imagination.

Most of the steam irons can generate high level of temperature and perfect pressure level to erase wrinkles with ease. That means you can complete your clothes ironing work without any hassle. No matter what type of steam iron you have, whether it is normal steam iron or portable steam iron, it should offer the perfect heat for ironing.

Here the question is what exactly one should look for in a steam iron? The first answer that will come to your mind is its steam output level. Well, this is not wrong, but there are many things that you should look for in a steam iron.

Portable steam iron can be used anywhere in the room as most of them come cordless. As they are very compact and easy to carry, you can easily carry them inside your travel suitcase or bags. However, to get the best result, you should always prefer to go with best lightweight steam irons. The modern technology has completely changed the features and design of the steam iron.

Now talking about the things that you should look in a steam iron, here are some important factors:

The wattage of the steam iron

The wattage of the iron can influence its warm-up ability, wrinkle eraser ability, and steam production. The modern and latest irons can offer around 1700 to 2300 watt of wattage, and the top rated steam irons generally carry 2400 to 2750 watts of wattage.

Soleplate of the steam iron

You will get a different kind of soleplate in steam iron like aluminum soleplates, non-stick soleplates, ceramic soleplates, palladium soleplates which carry self-cleaning ability. Quality of ironing depends on the sole type and the number of steam holes. While buying best steam iron 2018 from online stores, you can read the guidelines and specifications of iron there. Make sure that, the nose of the steam iron also has a hole to provide steam to areas which hard to cover while ironing.

Water chamber of the steam iron

If you go by the rule, it says the steam iron must have a water chamber which can carry around 300 ml water. Well, there are some irons which offer 425 ml capacity. There can be a conventional water filing system or a rapid system in many steam irons.

Constant steam generation

This factor can influence the speed of ironing, the simplicity of process and temperature of the sole plate. Generally, most of the steam irons cam develop 20-30 g of steam, but there are some steam irons which can easily produce around 50 g per minute which is good for your clothes.

Steam burst quality

Make sure that the iron is offering perfect steam burst. It will help you to remove hard wrinkles from fabric very easily and also will get smooth movement. Most of the top-rated steam irons offer 100 to 150 g per minute, and in the maximum level, it can be 200g stem burst per minute. No need to put more force on your steam iron to erase wrinkles, just get the best one for this job.

Vertical steam mode

It helps to protect your cloth made of delicate fabric. Using vertical steam, you can do ironing without making direct contact between sole plate and clothes.

Steam gauge

It helps to control the amount of steam released. It can be found on the top of the handle or in the middle. Make sure that it is located in a suitable area. However, only some selected model of steam iron will allow you to control the steam temperature as per your cloth materials.

Steam ionization

It helps to generate perfect steam particles during ironing. The particle with the perfect size and adequate flow pressure can penetrate into the fabric made clothes. You will get perfect steam ionization feature if you buy the best steam iron 2018.

Anti-drip feature

It prevents water leakage in steam irons while doing ironing, in delay of instant evaporation. Well, you must look for this in the iron as water on fabric can slow down gliding movement and can burn the fabric. The portable steam iron carries this feature.

Temperature adjust panels

Different cloth materials need different temperature. For example, you can’t use the temperature required for ironing cotton material, for nylon made clothes. The temperature controllers can come with a different design like thermostat controller, push button and more. Most of the top-rated steam irons offer automatic shut-down feature and works as a timer.

If you do not use the iron for supposing 10-15 minutes, it will shut down automatically. You will also get such features when you touch the iron it will turn on automatically and shut down immediately after you remove the hand from the handle. Such iron generates 2400 to 2750 watts of wattage. While buying the best steam iron 2018, make sure that it has been suitable temperature controller system.

Spray system

It is the most common feature in every steam iron. Make sure that the water spray system is located in the perfect place.

Handle of the steam irons

The handle of the steam iron needs to offer comfort while ironing. It can be made of plastic material or rubberized material to provide a perfect grip.

Iron’s power cord

The iron must have the power cord with the perfect length. The length can vary from 1. 5-3 meters. Remember that, if you buy an iron with long power cord, you will get free movement. There should a cord swivel in the iron. That will protect the cord from damage, making it more durable.

The weight of the steam iron

Normally, steam iron weighs around 1-1. 45 kg. Don’t think that heavier iron will give the best ironing. Ironing depends on wattage ability. Best travel stream iron doesn’t weight that much, so they are very comfortable to use.

When it comes to ironing your clothes in the best way, you can’t do that with normal steam irons. You need something best. All the steam irons are not same neither they offer equal features. So, you should pick one as per your requirement and budget. Those mentioned factors should be there in a steam iron. You can easily get the best steam iron 2018 from an online store and prefer to buy your steam iron from the store who only deal with such devices.




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