Water type to use for steam iron and garment steamer

Which water type to use for steam iron and garment steamer?

Unlike traditional fabric irons, steam irons use the heat and humidity to eliminate the hard wrinkles from your clothes. These handy steam ironing and garment steamer machines, which also come in a portable version, employ water heated to a high temperature. With the heat, the water becomes steam, and it becomes puffs of steam when ejected out of the iron. When gently apply on the fabric it erases the wrinkles in your fabric. This guide will help to find out the best water type to use for steam iron and garment steamer.

Steam ironing machines are excellent for making your clothes look as professional as if you had taken them to a cleaner. Garment steamer machines are also safe for almost any type of fabric or material. So, there is no fear of burning the fabric like you could with a traditional fabric iron. Steam cleaning rarely leaves marks on your clothes unless the water inside the unit is contaminated.

So, it is always important to choose the best quality water to use for your steam iron and garment steamer. One of the most common questions is what the best water to use for steam iron and garment steamer? Some say tap water will be the perfect option and some say distilled water will offer you the best result. However, a clear understanding will help you to know about the best water type to use for steam iron and garment steamer.

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The general advice from most of the manufacturer is to mix tap water with 50% of distilled water.

General types of water

1. Tap water

All the modern and latest steam irons and garment steamer can use tap water. However, this can also depend on the type of tap water that you are using. Here the type of tap water means the hardness of the water it can vary across the world like very soft to very hard depending on the region.

2. Hard water

Hard water generally contains a higher concentration of minerals such as calcium. This particle can develop limescale in steam irons over time. Such particle also affects the kettles and other appliances. In the long run, it can reduce the overall efficiency of the iron.

3. Distilled Water

You will find many people who will suggest you use distilled water for steam irons and garment steamers. The reason behind this the water comes without any impurities and minerals. However, they are wrong. You should not be using it. It has seen that this water can cause the iron to split and leak. To use it you must mix it 50-50 with tap water.

4. Calc-Clean

Most of the steam irons and garment steamers now come with a calc-clean function. It enables you to rinse out the boiler area and flush the calcium deposits from the water. The cheaper models will use special cartridges.

If you have a water softener system installed in your home, and then never uses that water. You should use water from a drinking tap, such as your kitchen, to keep your iron running for a long time efficiently and to keep it healthy.

A garment steamer can remove odors from clothing. All you need to do is just use appropriate water for your steamer to get the best result without affecting your clothes.

If you have any doubt or want to know more about it, then you refer to manufacturing guide for clear understanding.

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