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How to Choose a Steam Iron

One of most boring and tedious work of household work is ironing clothes. This task is so tedious that most of the people always try to avoid this and prefer to give their clothes to ironing service providers. However, thanks to the modern technology which has made this task easy for you. There are some irons which have made the ironing faster and efficient than before. You can now easily iron your cloth with ease and comfort.  From all, the steam iron has emerged as the most popular irons for ironing clothes. All you have to do is to pick the best steam iron which can lead to a stress- free task.

The exact meaning of steam iron?

It is quite different than all types of irons. When all the irons use a hot iron plate to remove wrinkles from clothes, steam iron uses hot water for that. It works great for both clothes and fabric. The iron equipped with special heating equipment which helps to convert distilled water into steam and you can control the steam pressure with given switch.

The hot mist will come from the holes located on the soleplate and loosens up the fibers to smooth them out for ironing. No need to send your clothes to the dry cleaners and pay more for this. You will feel that steam irons are safer and very easy to use. Just remember to choose your unit very carefully, as a normal steam iron will not give you best result.

How to pick a perfect steam iron?

You will find some steam irons out there in the market from different brands and with different models. All the irons carry different features which can match your budget. So it is quite a difficult task to choose the best steam iron. Some prefer to go with steam iron reviews while buying the iron. This will be helpful, but there are other things that you should take into consideration while buying a steam iron.

The durability of the iron:

While buying a steam iron make sure that you are picking a durable iron. The durability of the steam iron depends on its hardware configuration.  So, how to pick a durable product? It is possible through proper tests. If you are buying irons online, you can easily find consumer guidelines on the website and give you proper information about the iron.

The material of your clothes:

Make sure that you are choosing the steam iron which is suitable for Your clothing material. Based on the material, you can choose a spray steam iron, or a burst of steam featured steam iron. It is suitable for clothes made with natural fibers for example linen and denim.

Give a test-drive:

Even though steam iron reviews can help you in choosing a perfect steam iron; you can still give a test drive to it. This will help you to measure the comfortable level of the iron in picking and handling. As you are going to spend some time regularly with your iron, you should pick that iron which will not strain your hands.

Control panel of the iron: 

Different steam iron carries different control panels. Some irons carry dials, some equipped with slides, and there are also digital readouts control panels. Choose that one, which will be easy to use for you. You can go for models with fabric settings so that you can set temperature as per cloth material.

A load of ironing:

Your ironing load level can influence the steam iron selection process. If you have a lot to iron regularly, you must pick the better model of a steam iron. If you have a few clothes to iron, then a less expensive iron will be enough for you. The best steam iron will generate generous steam which can eliminate hard wrinkle easily. If you use cotton made clothes, you will need a steam iron that is effective in reducing wrinkles and creases. Not all the steam iron can erase strong wrinkles as they produce less heat and steam.

Quality of soleplate:

Every steam iron carries a different kind of soleplates. Some soleplates carry non-stick, and non-scratch feature and others will not offer you these qualities. If you go for expensive steam iron, you will get best soleplates. It will heat up very fast and will give adequate heat with steam to remove hard wrinkles. It will also glide smoother over your clothes, no need to give much effort in moving it.

Types of cords:

If the steam iron has a cordless than six feet, then it can create issues. As the steam iron uses a heavy amount of voltage, it is not good to use the extension cord. Due to overheating, the extension cord can develop fire. So, choose the iron which carries perfect length cord so that you can use that without an extension cord.

Apart from this, the extension cord can also develop the increases the risk of electric shock if the iron’s plug not inserted into extension cord properly. You can get shocked while trying to unplug the steam iron. Iron cords, if they are too small can burn up quickly due to high wattage of the steam iron.

The weight of steam irons

In some cases, lightweight steam iron cannot offer you desired result in removing hard wrinkles. If you have a weak wrist, you may feel difficult while lifting heavy steam irons.  The weight of the steam iron can depend upon its water chamber size. If you fill the chamber with more water, then it will become heavier. However, sometimes you will need more space for water to produce more steam if your cloth has too many wrinkles. So, keep all these things in mind while picking up a steam iron.

We should keep these factors in mind when shopping for a suitable steam iron for you. While buying online, you can read steam iron reviews to get some ideas about the irons and can choose accordingly.




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